Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy

Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy.


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~~~~~Hello World It’s Me~~~~~

~~~~~Hello World It’s Me~~~~~.


This is my website and Blog if you are interested in finding out more about me and my life.

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~~~~~Hello World It’s Me~~~~~

Welcome to my new blog site ūüôā I figure this will be an¬†ongoing blog¬†of the different things that I enjoy. Just to name a few: <B>Reading, Riting, ¬†Graphic arts, music</B>….

<B>Reading:</B> I am an avid reader of all genres of books. I think my most favorite would be Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction. I enjoy reading about the Mayans, the Vikings, King Arthur times, Atlantis, Pre-Historic times, and¬†Kublai¬†Khan wars. I am lucky to be among the ones who get lost in their reading. When I read I tune out the real world and find myself among those that I am reading about. I can taste, feel, hear, see, and smell whatever is going on in the book. I suppose this is my way of escaping the troubles and¬†hassles of the world today. It also let’s me see how much the world remains the same or perhaps I should say “Mans” behavior stays the same; greed, hunger, wars,¬†thievery,¬†illnesses, climates, and wants and needs.

<B>”R”iting:</B> Perhaps I should have said imagination since I seem to be having trouble getting my thoughts and dreams out of my head and on to the paper. I’ve often thought about trying to re-write my “memoirs” to try and help me remember my past once again. It comes in pieces now because of my memory issues, but one day I should be able to put the jigsaw pieces of my life back together. My grand-children have inspired me to try and write children’s books. I am researching to see how young I wish to write for, be it 0-3 or 4 and up.

<B>Graphic Arts:</B> I started my interest in graphics when my husband and I bought a WebTv back in 1998. I thought it was so cool to have contact with people from all over the world. I discovered 2 sites called LOTH or “Ladies of The Heart” and RAOK or “Random Acts Of Kindness” who go around spreading kindness in real life and on the internet. While being a member of these fine groups I met some graphics people who invited me into their graphics groups and¬†taught me everything I know. At this same time I discovered that I had a knack to teach myself HTML and¬†JavaScript.¬†It was fun but hard trying to work the exercises on my WebTv. In 1999 we got our first computer and man what a huge difference that made in my ability to create graphics and websites. I have written graphics tutorials of my own during that time. My computer crashed in 2003 so I was out of the loop as the web changed immensely and has become what it is today. Once I locate my tutorials and try to make them work with the graphics programs of today, I plan to start writing tuts again.

<B>Music:</B> When I was 15 my Mom and Dad would let me go with them to the VFW in Jacksonville,¬†TX.. I got to know their house band and asked if I could sing with them every once in a while. ¬†At that time I sang “Help Me Make It Through The Night” < ahref=””A/ahref>by Sammi Smith and everyone who was there went wild with applause. They started asking me to sing it every time I was at the VFW. One night while I was singing this guy walked in, stopped and stared at me. I saw him go to the bar and talk with the bartender. He then¬†proceeded to walk over to my Mom and Dad, sit down and start talking with them. By the time I had gotten off the stage he was gone. My curiosity got me, I asked my Dad who the guy was and what did he want. Dad said “the man was Boxcar Willie and asked my Mom & Dad could I go to Nashville with him and his band to cut a record”. I stood there so excited thinking of the bright lights only to have my Dad crush my dream. He said “I told him no that you were to young”. Apparently it wasn’t meant to be ūüė¶

I love all genres from the Big Band era to Movie Scores, to Norah Jones’ soft Jazz. My all time favorite music is actually 2 types. I LOVE Classic Rock and Classic Country of the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s.

<B>Classic Rock:</B> Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Chicago, Lynyard  Skynyrd, Golden Earring, Neil Sedaka, Black Sabbath, Leo Sayer, Traffic, Cream, Blind Faith, Eric Clapton, Rush, Journey, and Styx just to name a few.

<B>Classic Country:</B> Bill Anderson, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Slim Whitman, Jim Reeves, Roy Clark, Marty Robbins, Patti Page, Porter Wagoner, Lefty Frizzell, Glen Campbell, Charlie Pride, Hank Williams Sr., The Osborne Brothers, Cal Smith,¬†Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash, and so many more…


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