~~~Who I Am~~~

Who is MadamSnowgal you ask?

Well my name is Patricia Freeman and I live in Central Texas about 5 miles from Ft. Hood. I’ve had 2 sons who are now 31 and 30 so I guess that makes 25 right!?! I have the most wonderful husband in the world who would move mountains for me if I asked him too. I have a very pretty daughter-in-law and 2 gorgeous granddaughters and 3 handsome grandsons!

In 1981 I went to college and majored in Criminal Science and worked at Johnson Space Center in the printing dept. to help pay for my books and other things you need. I had the honor of printing, collating, and binding the Operations Manual that went up with the first space shuttle.

In 1982 I was in the Army  at Ft. Dix NJ. I sooooo wanted the plain Jane uniform from the seventies. Unfortunately I was in on the launch of the new camouflage  BDUs. We were also the first to wear camouflage tennis shoes for PT. We were doing PT (men’s push-ups) one afternoon when a  Drill Sergeant put her boot in my back and gave me 3 compressed fractures in the middle of my back. Funny how I should have been given a “Medical Discharge” and I know that was what I read and signed, but when they gave me the walking papers it was  a “Couldn’t Cope With Military Life”. That sucked!

I then started my screwed up life. I drove a taxi for 3 years in Dallas during which time I wrote a memoirs of my life up until then. I picked up this actress from the airport who read it while I took her to her destination. She said that it would make a great soap opera. Funny thing is, after she had read, it I’ve not seen it since. Met a trucker and rode all around the U.S. and decided that it was a fun job to do so I started driving an 18-wheeler cross country with my then husband and drove for 4 years. I got my divorce and went to work at Time Mfg. building Tel-29’s to go on the utility trucks for electric companies and so on…They had a co-ed softball team that I played for. I was Center Field because I could through farther. I was a representative for Time during the Walk For March of Dimes and surprised myself by actually finishing it and being ahead of other walkers.  I really loved this job! I guess because I was more or less creating something from the ground up.  Then I offered more money (single parent needs more money) to work for a mobile home mfg. company running the electrical wiring. This was a fun job, but while I was working I developed an extremely bad kidney infection and had to stay in bed for a week, so I lost that job.

On October 2nd 1995  I was at the bar next to where I lived when in walks this man looking so dapper he stole my heart and I didn’t even know his name. My friend, who was the bartender, introduced us and said his name is Mike Freeman. We spent the rest of that night dancing, throwing darts, and just talking. We closed the bar down at 2am and went to have a midnight breakfast. Afterwards, Mike drove out to the Belton Dam and we watched the sun rise while talking about any and everything. Mike took me home and never left. That was almost 17 years ago! Mike had his own plumbing company up to about 2003 when he had a major heat stroke and a series of 24 TIA’s.

Me? I’m disabled now. I have been diagnosed as having: fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis, congestive heart failure, diabetes, COPD, a stroke, and a heart attack, and having a rare form of cataract in both eyes that is inoperable. The State gave me full disability in 2007.

I’m a huge people person, I LOVE to watch people as they go along through their day. The things you see and hear are priceless. I get along with everybody. I am owned by 4 cats 1 of which has been my comforter during the bad times. I swear he could sense or feel when something was wrong with me… I am extremely opinionated and stand firm on those things which I believe in. I am your bestest friend when you need a shoulder to cry on or just to get a hug. I am a very caring and giving person. I always help when and where I can.

I have started making graphics again with my PSP9 while trying to learn all this new fangled programs. I have also been thinking of trying to write again. I have come up with a name for a series of children’s books that follows the daily life of my cat Fuzzy Wuzzy (The Misadventures of Fuzzy Wuzzy). I have some really funny stories in my head, but no one told me how hard it was to get them out of your head and on to paper… The other hard thing is coming up with a name for each story.  OK enough about me let’s get on to the stories…


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  1. WOW! I can’t believe that I just wrote all of that story… Definitely a flip flop life with no regrets.

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